Sticker Shock and Maybe Nausea Hold VR Back

Sticker Shock and Maybe Nausea Hold VR Back
AP Photo/Martin Meissner

For a technology to crack the mainstream, there is an unspoken understanding: It shouldn't make the people who use it want to throw up.

And yet there was a reminder, at last week's International CES trade show in Las Vegas, of how far virtual reality has to go until everyone is ready to fasten 3-D goggles to their faces. At a news conference, Intel, the chip maker, provided virtual reality headsets to about 250 attendees so they could watch a 3-D video from the perspective of sky divers hurtling out of a helicopter in wingsuits. Intel also passed out motion sickness bags to everyone, in case anybody felt inclined to vomit, an unfortunate side effect of turbulent virtual reality experiences for some people.

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