Why "Amazon Alexa Everywhere" Is a Big Problem

Why "Amazon Alexa Everywhere" Is a Big Problem
Jack Dempsey/AP Images for LG Electronics

At CES 2017, the voice assistant kept popping up in unusual places. At a booth for smart home integrator Legrand, there were outlets used for plugging in lamps and appliances that will work with Alexa (in addition to the lights and appliances themselves). At the Dish Network booth, a demo for Alexa let me quickly change channels by voice and find Tom Hanks movies. A watch called the Martian mVoice lets you push a button to activate Alexa. With the Genesis G90 sedan, you can ask Alexa to set the temperature and lock the car. There's even this weird lamp. All good so far, right?

And yet, is this the future we really wanted?

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