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Welcome to RealClearFuture
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Welcome to the newest RealClear site, RealClearFuture.

RealClearFuture focuses on the next big wave of technology—technology that is 5 to 15 to 50 years into the future—and how it is likely to change the way we live, work, think, and play.

Our main page will link to the day's most interesting stories about future technology and its impact; our daily e-mail newsletter Dispatches from the Future will put it all in context; and our original articles will provide in-depth analysis. We will cover everything from far-out visionary speculation to the lessons we can learn from how past technologies developed—and how that was different from the confident predictions made at the time. Our main focus is on technology that is no longer just speculative, but which is still years away from being commercialized and ending up in our homes, our businesses, and our pockets.

Our topics will include robotics, information technology, artificial intelligence, brain-machine interfaces, biotechnology, genetic engineering, new innovations in energy, and how new technology will affect education, finance, government, and entertainment.

Our goal is to combine optimism and skepticism—to avoid the alarmism of dystopian predictions, but also to recognize that the future doesn't always come as quickly as we would like or in the form we expect. Come back for our daily updates and please sign up for our newsletter. You can also send comments, recommendations, and submissions to me at rob@realclearfuture.com.

Join us for our journey into the future.

Rob Tracinski is the editor of RealClearFuture.

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