A demonstration of the sequential squeezing and twisting action of the soft robotic sleeve, visualized here off the heart. Time delay between circumferential and twisting actuators is exaggerated for visualization. More >>

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Aquatic Micro Aerial Vehicles
Collecting water data with flying robots will allow rapid response to natural disasters, and lower the costs of water health monitoring. To enable this, we have developed an Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle(AquaMAV) a novel robot able to dive into water from flight. It is inspired by the plunge dive of...
AI Beer: Taste Testing A Robot Brew
The world's first beer brewed with the help of artificial intelligence is on sale in the UK. Four beers have been created, with each recipe altered based on customer feedback through a mobile app.
Robot Girlfriend: Romantic or Creepy?
A tech company has launched a virtual girlfriend device which can send touching texts throughout the day asking how you are feeling. Gatebox, the founding company, developed the technology to act as a companion to someone who may be living alone. The device includes a small holographic robot ,...
VR Pictionary
Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Rannells face off against Michael Che and Steve Higgins in a virtual reality version of Pictionary.
Robot Plays Air Hockey
The Air Hockey Robot, controlled by a smartphone.
Mind-Controlled Robot Arm
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have made a major breakthrough that allows people to control a robotic arm using only their minds.
Mercedes-Benz AI Typewriter
An unusual way to demonstrate the power of AI, Mercedes put a learning AI in the body of a classic typewriter and taught it to write fairy-tales. It's all about showing how an artificial intelligence can learn from the world around it, which will be vital in building self-driving cars.
A Robotics Startup Has Put Real Robots in a Digital World
While there are already plenty of spider-type robot toys on the market, a U.K. startup has made a system that lets users control its Mechamon robot with their phones. The robots fight battles with each other and with computer-generated opponents in the virtual world, all visible on the phone’s...
Who's to Blame When Driverless Cars Crash?
Companies are developing new sensing algorithms in a bid to understand the dynamics of driving data to find out who - or what - is at fault when autonomous vehicles have an accident.
Augmented-Reality Changes The Way Workers See Work
Holograms and early versions of augmented-reality devices are already being used by companies to help workers process information. A new multimillion-dollar Visual Analytics Lab being built at MIT will help companies find and develop new applications for AR technology.
Microsoft's Grand Plan to Train a Generation of Coders
Microsoft is using the Minecraft craze to help train a new generation of coders.
SALTO Jumping Robot
A new robot can jump better than any other — and better than you. But it's not very good at landing yet.
Amazon Go Lets You Skip the Checkout Line
Amazon Go is a new kind of store featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology. No lines, no checkout – just grab and go!
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